24 Days of Rum 2023/17: Rhum J.M Gamme Atelier Epices Créoles

Rhum J.M is rum brand I have met several times already. There were their VO and Terroir Volcanique in last calendars, I had Jardin Fruite elsewhere. And they were all good so I am glad I got to taste another one.

This rum brand comes from Martinique and it is typical french style agriculture agricole type of rum. Distillery is located near Pelee volcano which influences local terroir, sugar cane and spring water. All of their sugar cane is grown locally on island, about 75 % very near distillery. It is mainly three variants – Canne Roseau (B59.92), Canne Bleue (B 69.566) and Canne Rouge (B64.277). Sugar cane is crushed and juice is immidiately used for rum making. There are two historical simple copper stills used, final distilate have 70 to 73 % ABV. After that rums are resting in big tanks or they are aged in french or american oak casks.

Brand offer is simple. There are classic offerings with some white rums, shortly aged Amber and one sweet thing. Then there are bar offerings with Jardin Fruité, Fumée Volcanique and Epices Créoles, also with house bitters. Finally there is premium line with Terroir Volcanique and aged VO, VSOP and XO and exclusive line with vintage rums.

Epices Créoles is part of bar lineage and its meant for bar proffesionals and enthusiasts, for drinking neat and in cocktails. This rum is result of experimenting with different juices, forms of heating, types of wood and cask creating. Rum from which is blended are at least 3 years old and were aged in french oak or american oak casks. There were also experiments with sizes of casks and aging temperature. And finally, special toasting process was used on them. Rum si dilluted to pleasant 46 % ABV.

Nose has strong caramel and spices, there is also technical rubber and gummy candies. And ripe fruits. Smell is light and almost spicy. Its quite sweet and full, fruity soft and juicy. There are aromatic and sharp spices and funky fruitiness. Its quite complex and not easy to describe.

Taste is juicy, full of juicy ripe fruits. And also gummy candies and rubber. Newly is here minty chewing gum. There are strange spices here, sharp and spicy. Even the rubber here is sharp. In background there are hints of wood and licorice. It is full and strong, spicy and bit sharp.

Aftertaste is quite strongly rubbery, with gummy candies, ripe fruits and sweet chewing gum. There is also fresh mint in background. It is strong and spicy, juicy and full. And long.

This is very interesting rum, another from very good rums of this brand. It is bit unusual style, its own agricole direction. It is complex and hard to describe, but good and nice. I really should finally buy some of their bottles.