24 Days of Rum 2023/18: The Infernal Rum No. Five

Another day with another new brand. This one was founded by music duo Infernal and rum geegs 8 years ago, during their searching for ideal rum. This rum is numbered five, there were four previous expresions. They were using rums from Guyana, Dominican Republic and Guatemala, they were using for example cognac cask or orange and coconut infusion. But this fifth edition is back to roots with simple but clean Guatemalan rum.

This rum from Guatemala is distilled on column still from molasses. It begins as classic and entry rum, but after 4 years of aging it should have more complexity. Aging was tropical with high temperature and humidity. Then it is dilluted to 40 % ABV.

Nose has strong caramel. It is quite sweet and little bit fresh. Caramel transforms into toffees, some nougat appears. And some spices and woodines is in background.

Taste is sweet and smooth, very smooth. There are caramel and toffees, more toffees than caramel. Then little bit of nougat and chocolate. Background has even hints of woodiness. It is quite simple.

Aftertaste has toffee and caramel. And some nougat and fruits too. I taste candies, in after taste also wood and coffee. It is quite simple and sweet.

This is really not the best rum in calendar. Its not bad, but not very interesting. There is lots of caramel and toffee and that is it. Pleasant drinking sweet and simple rum.