24 Days of Rum 2023/19: Belizean Blue Signature Blend

This is another from the new brands in calendar. I have seen him somewhere already, but not tasted it. This rum is from Belize, where everything important is happening. This brand comes from belizean Travellers distillery, where is it distilled, aged and blended. Its name comes from one of the biggest butterflies, blue morpho.

Belizean Blue Signature Blend is blend of ex-bourbon cask aged rums distilled from locally grown sugar cane on column still. Its age is 7 years or less, in bottle it has 40 % ABV.

Nose is quite heavy and sweet. Firstly there are chocolate and wine notes, after that spices appear. And now it dominates the smell. The spices are joined with light wood and ginger. It is fresh and sweetly spicy.

Taste begins with chocolate too, there are hints of wine. And then lots of wood and spices. Some coconut and candied ginger appears, maybe some dried fruits too. Taste is not that sweet, is quite full and heavy. It is also spicy, maybe with some chilli too.

Aftertaste has sweet woodiness with bits of chocolate. It is very aromatic and spicy. There are sharp spices and ginger here. It is sweetly spicy but really not sweet and not smooth.

Belizean Blue is interesting rum, maybe mainly thanks to the ginger. It feels like solid unsweetened rum. Which is not general thing with rums from Belize. Thy are also usually quite chocolate dominating, which again here is not the thing. If I got passed a bottle, I will be glad I can research this rum little more. It is not really cheap and ginger notes can be problem for some, but as I say, its interesting rum.