24 Days of Rum 2023/24: Kaniché XO

Kaniché is rum brand from Barbados owned by Maison Ferrand, which is also owner of Plantation rums. This brand should be connection of Carribean, Pacific and French traditions, for example they are using double aging as Plantation too.

Kaniché XO is rum made from molasses on Barbados, it is blend of column still and pot still rums. First aging takes 6 to 8 years on Barbados in ex-bourbon casks. Second aging adds 2 to 4 years in ex-cognac casks in France. It should be softly filtered and is dilluted to 40%. And probably is little sweetened.

Nose is very coconutty, there are some sweet spiced and woodiness. Its full and sweet, but feels maybe little simple. It is very reminiscent of Plantation 20th Anniversary XO, not surprising knowing the owner.

Taste is full and sweet, it is really very smooth. There is sugar cane sweetness and lots of sweet woodiness and coconut. And some sweeter spices.

Aftertaste has sweet spices and woodiness, some chocolate appears. It is full and sweet, but it is not too much. But its not too long.

This is very smooth and quite sweet rum. Very pleasant but little simplier. There are no complication in his taste, which is trio of spices, coconuts and sweet woodiness. This rum taste really much like Plantation XO, according some sources it is even the same rum. As final rum of christmas it is good and bad at the same time. Good with the christmas spirit, with sweet spices. But it is nothing surprising and I would expect more from the final rum.