24 Days of Rum 2023/21: Whistler Master Solera

This brand I already know thanks to this calendar. But after I tasted this sample, I am looking into it and discover, that this is the same rum we tasted last year. Its strange, because they have like 7 rums, maybe we should taste one of them next time.

Whistler Rum Distillery was founded in South Africa by three locals wanting their own rum. There was no rum tradition in this are, so they created it, they are the first and biggest rum distillery in the area. The distillery is located on farm in South Africa and was conscructed by south african engineers. They also build their pot still. Molasses from local sugar cane farms is mostly used for rum making, also some brown sugar from Eswatini. For aging they are mostly using casks previously used for african brandy and african whisky.

There is no rum legislative regulation in Africa, so they tried to found it. African rum should then be produced in Africa, on african devices, by born africans, from local sugar cane and aged in casks used for aging of african wines and distillates.

Whistler Master Solera is limited rum. Only small part was bottled, rest is used for advent calendar. This rum is aged by spanish solera system in seven different casks. They are casks used for aging of white wine, red wine, bourbon, whiskey, brandy and port wine. Seventh is secret. It is dilluted to 46 % ABV.

Nose is aromatic and begins with lots of caramel. Then sweet dried fruits and wine appears and is pushing forward. Smell is full and quite sweet, little bit funky. It is strong and with wine juiciness.

Taste is full of wine and dried fruits, with some caramel. Then dry wine and lots of fresh fruits comes forward. It is strong and full, quite sweet and juicy, with hints of dryness.

Aftertaste has dry wine but also some caramel and candies. Maybe I found some wood and chocolate after some time too. It is quite long and juicy.

This rum is very juicy and I would say with strong wine influence. It is interesting, on blind tasting I would guess dry red wine finish. Rum is full and strong, it is good. I like this very much.