24 Days of Rum 2023/23: Ron Cartavio Solera 12

Cartavio rum brand is another from quite well known brands here, last year calendar offered us Ron Cartavio XO. They are also rums I already seen in shop too. And this one with 12 on label I already tasted in ancient history, in 2016.

Rum Cartavio comes from Peru from distillery with the same name. But there isnt only rum here, the company is working on vodka, gin, whisky, tequila and pisco too. Some sources also say that some rum is ditilled in different distillery, on Aruba island. But from the same sugar cane from Peru. Rums distilled from mollases started here in 1929, state of Peru claimed ownership of it in 1968. In 1978 state company was created and from 1994 is the distillery in private ownership. This corporate company is known from 2001 as Destilerias Unidas S.A.C. and it brought to Cartavio modern equipment and innovations. But all old traditions for aging and blending are still here.

This distillery uses modern fermentation process, it is continuous with yeast recirculation. So they have the most alcohol gain as possible. The offer for distillation is bigger, they uses continuous and small batch distillation. Distillery have copper pot still heated by steam, which has also tower for column distillation. They have 14 warehouses with humidity and air control and more than 46000 casks in them.

Cartavio 12 is molasses column still rum aged in traditional solera system for 12 years. So oldest parts of blend are 12 years old. Casks from american oak and french oak are used, also some used for PX sherry. Finally it is dilluted to 40 % ABV.

Nose has strong cofee, lots of caramel and dark chocolate. Then there are some spices and fruts. With further opening I can smell nougat and dried fruits. And much more fruitiness in background.

Taste is sweet with lots of caramel. There is also nougat and sweet woodiness coming forward. In background stays some spices and coffee. It is smooth and nice, very smooth. And is not too sweet.

Aftertaste is sweet and heavy. There is lots of woodiness with caramel, nougat and coffee. Spices are in background, but is strong for it.

Cartavio is rum of clasiccal and well known style. It is not bad, its quite spicy and woody, it feels aged and not too sweet. There is nothing special about him, but it is pleasant dram.