24 Days of Rum 2023/16: Cane Island Guyana XO

When I reviewed Cane Island Nicaragua 12 yo, I told that I want to taste also some others of their rum. I didnt know, that that day is not that far. But now I am looking that this is not one of the released rums, its private bottling just for this calendar. But hopefully, it will come to brand range too.

Cane Island Guyana XO is complex blend of several different rums. All of them were distilled in Guyana, in Demerara Distillers on one of theirs stills. It is blend of both column and pot still rums, they all were aged in american oak casks. So probably used bourbon ones. Blend consists of 2 to 8 years old rums and has 43 % ABV.

Nose is full of raisins and some chocolate. It is soft and pleasantly sweet. It is also full and smooth. Its like sweet milk chocolate with raisins.

Taste is soft and full, again with lots of raisins. Then there is strong chocolate and sweet woodiness. And little bit of spices. Mounthfeel is sweet and quite heavy, little bit juicy. And it is smooth and soft. Its quite strong, with lots of raisins and some milk chocolate.

Aftertaste is not different, it has lots of raisins and chocolate. And lots of sweet woodiness with added spices and hints of caramel. It is sweet dark chocolate with caramel, not too sweet and quite woody and aromatic.

So, this is another pleasant surprise. It is full and strong rum with sweet raisins. Very nice and tasty. It is good, so I wouldnt mind if Guyana was added into portfolio of Cane Island on full time.