24 Days of Rum 2023/15: Naga Anggur

Naga is one the rums already present in last calendars. Last year it was Naga Siam Edition 10 yo, year before it was Naga Pearl of Jakarta. The basic four rums of Indonesian Naga are after this year missing last one, spiced Naga Malacca. But there are also Naga rums not from Indonesia, few of them are from Indochina – from Thailand.

Indonesian Naga rums comes from Java island. This brand tries to discover asian tradition of sugar cane growing and rum making. It is named after Naga, demigod serpent creatures from local historical tradition.

Nagga Anggur is pot still rum aged three times. Firstly it is aged in teak cask for 4 years and in ex-bourbon casks for 3 years. Finally, french oak from Seguin Moreau used previously for 18 months of red wine Château pas de l’Ane 2018 Saint Emilion Grand Cru is used. This rum is in it for 2 months. It is dilluted to 40 % ABV and bottle is suprisingly cheap here.

Nose is aromatic with strong caramel. Then comes dried fruits. It became sweeter, After time I can smell sweet wine and candies. Dried fruits remains but some fresh ones appear. Almost with hint of Jamaican fruit. Smell is full and sweet, pleasantly rounded and light.

Taste is juicy and fruity, there is lots of dried fruits and heavy wine. It is aromatic and bit funky, quite heavy and strong, but also fresh. And quite sweet.

Aftertaste is full of dried fruits and wine, there is also gummy candies. Lots of them. But now herbs appear, or maybe some herbal wine. There is sweet wood too. It is aromatic and full, very sweet.

This is exotic rum, but also pleasant sweet one. It is full of fruits, only few months in wine cask changed the rum a lot. It is expected from wine cask, but greatly finalized. There probably isnt much of the original rum taste, but that is not problem here. Because I like this rum.