24 Days of Rum 2023/22: Mocambo 20 yo

Mocambo is rum from Mexico, from Licores Veracruz distillery. This is a big production plant, not just for rum. Some tequila, mezcal, vodka, brandies and bar stuff comes from here too. I can also see two rum brands, Villa Rica and Mocambo. Distillery is in production from 1984, it uses column still and local sugar cane. There are two places for sugar cane growing, one in 700 and second in 1400 meters altitude. There are very different conditions there, also different variety of sugar cane.

There are lots of Mocambo rums in the offer, from common white and lightly aged to the extra old. Aged ones are 10 yo, 15 yo, 20 yo and 25 yo rums. Rums in casks are aged in warehouse in 860-900 meters altitude in humid subtropical climate. This 20 yo Mocambo was aged also in european oak casks, previously used for wine. There is also art side of this rum bottle, there is 5 liter version of one. But it is still 20 yo rum with 40 % ABV.

Nose has lots of caramel, also some wood and dried fruit. It is slightly sweet and full, it is more heavy than sweet. There are also some hints of smoke and earthiness in background. After rum opens more, aromatic heavy wine and spices comes forward. And also more of wood and some fruit.

Taste in heavy with earthiness and woodiness. There are strong spices and hints of whisky oak cask. It is suprisingly juicy with strong dried fruits. Woodiness is also quite sweet. It is quite strong, almost sweet but also quite smooth and soft.

Aftertaste is full of dried fruits, wine and sweet woodiness. And with some sweet earthiness and bit of spices. In the end chocolate appears. Aftertaste is strong, only bit shorter. Is it heavy and bit dry.

This is good rum. Age is showing well, rum is heavy and full while being smooth and soft. It is heavy rum with wine and dried fruits but its still easy to drink and enjoy. I like it.