24 Days of Rum 2023/13: Rum Explorer Canary Islands 6 yo

This is the second rum of this brand in the calendar this year, it all started with Rum Explorer Thailand 5 yo. And so the second half of calendar is now opened with another Rum Explorer, this time from Canary Islands.

The brand Rum Explorer is french, based in Chateau du Breuil in Normandy and owned by La Spiriterie Française company. This company also sells cognac and calvados, they have their own whisky distillery. The Rum Explorer brand is about buying rum across the globe and bottling under one label which sounds like more famous Plantation. Basic offering of Rum Explorer is Caribbean, blend which is little bit cheaper than rest of the rums. Then they have the Gamme Origine series, which is their main product. It offers rums of one origins, currently from Belize, Barbados, Trinidad, Guyana, Australia, Dominican Republic, Thailand and Archipel des Mascareignes. And also Canary Islands. All of them have the same price of 40 euros. I can see also one more premium rum – Bielle distillery Marie-Gallante.

This rum is distilled on historical copper column still, same type normally used for armagnac distillation. For example, it is powered by burning wood. It is six years old, is ages in american oak cask but also is finished in white pineau and red pineau french wines casks. This take few months in french cellars. Finally it is dilluted to 43 % ABV.

Nose is soft and little bit aromatic. Firstly I smell bananas and wood. Then I discover, that there is mainly these bananas and wood. And lots of wood. After it only some spices and hints of smoke. Overall is lightly sweet and pleasant.

Taste is quite full, little sugary but not very sweet. Again, there is combination of sweet wood and bananas, there is something like cognac cask and furniture wood. After time, there is more of the wood, also some spices appear. Taste is soft and smooth, also quite full.

Aftertaste is mainly bananas and lots of spices. There is strong coffee taste, almost burned coffee. Then sweet wood and christmas spices. Somewhere in background there are hints of candies. It is full and strong, quite long. It is less sweet and is little spicy. Is good.

This rum is better than Cane Island Thailand. It is pleasant rum, full and drinkable. So, yeah, this is good. Why not, I would try is again.